Crafting Unique Jewelry:

Empower Your Intentions with Exceptional Designs

Discover handcrafted jewelry infused with amuletic energy and inspired by nature, crafted by Crista in Evergreen, Colorado.

Our Services

Custom Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry infused with personalized intentions.

Stained Glass Artistry

Elegant stained glass creations inspired by nature and spirituality.

Poetry Collection Curation

Curating a debut poetry collection exploring empowerment and femininity.

Our Story

Creatrix Designs, located in Evergreen, Colorado, specializes in crafting unique jewelry pieces infused with personal intentions and symbolic energies.

Borne from Crista’s love for metals and stones, the journey began with a passion for creating jewelry that speaks to individual spirits.


Custom Designs

Personalized jewelry creations tailored to reflect your unique style and intentions.


Artistic Expression

Explore the intersection of art and energy in a collection that tells a meaningful story.


Stained Glass Artistry

Experience the beauty of stained glass creations inspired by nature and spirituality.

Why Choose Us?

Amuletic Energy

Each piece is carefully crafted to enhance your energy and intentions.

Nature’s Inspiration

Our designs are inspired by the beauty and symbolism found in nature’s elements.

Meaningful Connections

Infuse your style with jewelry that resonates with your deeper self and personal journey.

Customer Testimonials

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